Revised Jan. 2010



The name of this organization shall be Upper Snake River Bowmen, Incorporated (USRB)



To provide an organization for the Archers of the Upper Snake River Valley. This organization promotes archery hunting under the fair chase guidelines as outlined by the Pope and Young Club, provides input relating to bow hunting into legislative and Fish and Game policy decisions, and serves as a means to educate old and new archers and bow hunters and improve their skills, to provide a means to participate and enjoy the sport of archery.


Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, One Year, Two Year and Three Year Directors, Past President Director, Big Game Chairman, Publicity Chairman, and Bowhunter Education Chairman. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for matters pertaining to the organization.


Officers and their Duties:

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors, General Meetings and Special Committees. He/she shall be responsible to attend meetings of all organizations that USRB is affiliated with, or to appoint a representative to attend those meetings. He/she shall be responsible for initiating and developing the activities and purpose of the club. He/she shall be responsible for appointing special and standing committees. The President shall be the tie breaking vote in a Board of Directors meeting. The President shall represent USRB at all sportsmen and conservation meetings.

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the President’s  absence. He/she shall act as Range Master and shall appoint a Shoot Director for each club shoot, and shall oversee each shoot for safety and completion.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep all records of the organization, collect all monies and perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary/Treasurer. He/she shall put together a scrapbook for the year he/she is in office.

The One, Two, and Three Year Director duties shall be assigned by the President/Board, and shall assist in carrying out the purpose of the organization.

The Past President Director shall serve as a director and consultant to the new officers and Board.  He/she shall be responsible to update the Bylaws and Chair the Standing Bylaw Committee.

The Big Game Chairman shall be responsible for awarding the club's hunting awards, including: Small Game Awards, Big Game Awards, First Kill Awards, Largest Carp Award, and Best of Species Awards during the Winter Banquet.  He/she shall be responsible for recording all small and big game kill information.

The Publicity Chairman shall be responsible for advertising all club events and functions which are of public interest, and notifying all concerned through media means, to be determined by the Board of Directors.

The Bowhunter Education Instructor shall be responsible for teaching bowhunting safety and range safety to club youth and members.  He/she shall be a certified Bowhunter Education Instructor.


Election and Terms of Office:

All officers and directors shall be elected at the Awards Banquet to be held in January.

President, Secretary, Big Game Chairman, Publicity Chairman and Bow hunter Education instructor shall be elected to one year terms.  Beginning and ending at the Awards Banquet.

The Vice President shall serve a one year term as Vice President.  Upon completion of his/her then they shall move up the following year to fill a one year term as President.

One director shall be elected annually to a term of 3 years.

If a Director is voted into office, and is either terminated or vacates their position, before their 3 year term is finished, a new Director will be elected at the next election, to complete the vacated term. Should any board position be vacated during the calendar year, the Board shall appoint someone to fill the position for the remainder of the year.


Membership and Dues:

USRB has two categories of membership:  Individual and Family. Dues are payable the first of the calendar year.

Dues amount are decided upon a yearly basis by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors may suspend or expel any member or officer who, after being given the chance to face the Board and give his or her rebuttal, is, in their opinion guilty of acts unbecoming a sportsman, such as a conviction of a game violation.


Shoots and Range:

Age groups shall consist of four divisions: Chick: 0-8, Cubs: 9-1 1, Youth: 12-16, Adult: 17 and older. No cub or chick or youth may participate at shoots without a consenting adult.

No cub or chick under the age of 12 years may shoot the range, unless accompanied by their parents or a consenting adult, unless they have completed the USRB youth training program.

The USRB shall lease the range from the Beesley farms for the price of $1.00 per year.

The USRB Range is open to all members and guests who conduct themselves in a respectable manner.

Those youth, ages 10 years or in the 4th grade are eligible for youth training.  Youth training consists of two sessions, on indoor and one outdoor. These sessions shall deal with safety and shooting ability.  Upon completion of the two sessions, the instructors shall determine whether or not the youth is capable of shooting in a safe and responsible manner. All youth passing the training session shall be issued a certificate and patch to confirm eligibility to shoot the range without parental or adult supervision.

Shooting privileges may be suspended by the Board if unsafe conduct is observed on the range. Maintenance, repair and care of the range shall be determined by the Range Master and Board of Directors.


Yearly Awards:

Each year the USRB shall make the following awards at the annual Award Banquet:

  1. Men and Women Small Game Award
  2. Traveling Largest Carp Award. The winner keeps the trophy for the calendar year. The trophy retires when won 3 times by the same bowhunter.
  3. First Big Game Awards
  4. Men, Women and Youth Bowhunter of the Year Award
  5. Best of Specie Award. To qualify an animal must be an Idaho specimen, capable of being scored. Only one animal per specie may be entered. Whitetail and Mule deer being separate species. The animal must be taken on a resident tag rather than a non-resident tag.
  6. Club Member of the Year Award (to be determined by club vote)

Big Game Awards are determined by point value. USRB recognizes the following species and point values.

Points:  Male | Female

  1. Moose: 100 | 90
  2. Big Horn Sheep: 100 | 90
  3. Mountain Goat: 100 | 90
  4. Elk: 80 | 70
  5. Antelope: 80 | 70
  6. Mule Deer: 60 | 50
  7. Whitetail Deer: 60 | 50
  8. Black Bear: 60 | 60
  9. Cougar: 60 | 60
  10. Wolf: 60 | 60
  11. Turkey: 60 | 60
  12. Bobcat 30 | 30
  13. Coyote 30 | 30
  14. Fox 30 | 30 

P&Y qualifiers gets 1 1/2 value.


General Meetings:

A general meeting shall be held the first weeks of February, July (optional), and December and also any other time the President deems necessary.

General Meetings are held to conduct club business.

Club business shall be approved by a majority vote of those present at the General Meeting.



Proposed Bylaw changes must be presented to the Board of Directors in writing thirty (30)) days prior to being voted on at a General Meeting.

Bylaw changes require a two thirds majority vote by the membership.