Revised 2023




The name of this organization shall be Upper Snake River Bowmen, Incorporated, and shall be referenced to further in this document as USRB.



To provide an organization for Archers in the Upper Snake River Valley and surrounding areas. The USRB shall promote fair chase guidelines as outlined by the Pope and Young Club. The USRB shall educate and assist members in the development and improvement of their archery skills, with the intent of developing archers that will ethically participate and safely enjoy the sport of Archery and Bowhunting.


Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, One Year Director, Two Year Director, Three Year Director, Past President Director, Big Game Chairman, Editor, Website Chairman, Publicity Chairman, Range Master, Cook.


Officers and their Duties:

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for matters pertaining to the USRB. Each Board member shall have one vote. The USRB Board of Directors shall support the sport of Archery and the concerns and interests of fellow sportsmen, and when given the opportunity, shall provide input for legislation pertaining to laws that will influence, protect, and perpetuate the future of Bowhunting.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors, General Meetings, and Special Committees. The President has the authority and responsibility to represent the membership in all matters that pertain to the USRB. The President has the responsibility and authority to oversee all activities and purposes of the USRB. The President shall be responsible for appointing Special and Standing Committees. The President shall be the tie breaking vote in a Board of Directors meeting. The President shall preside over all monies in the Primary Account of the USRB. The President shall oversee the online presence and all social media pertaining to the club.

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the President’s absence. The Vice President shall assist the President and the Presidency in the decision making and management of USRB. The Vice President is responsible to learn the duties and tasks of all Board members. The Vice President is responsible for maintaining the First Aid Kit and Safety Plan.

The Secretary shall keep all records for the calendar year in which they are Secretary. The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes at USRB meetings. All minutes shall be sent to the Editor for review and historical recording. The Secretary shall be responsible to maintain a membership list of current USRB members. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping statistical information for USRB events. The Secretary is also responsible for tasks assigned by the Presidency.

The Treasurer shall be responsible to record an accounting of the funds received at each shoot and be accountable for all other USRB funds and monies. The treasurer shall report to the Board of Directors, as directed by the President, all USRB financial standings. The treasurer shall track the income, expenses, receipts, and reimbursements of the USRB.

The One-Year Director, Two-Year Director and Three-Year Director duties shall be assigned by the Presidency and they shall assist in carrying out the purpose of the USRB.

The Three-Year Director shall be responsible for a progressive target and insert list. The Three-Year Director shall be assigned as assistant to the Past President Director.

The Two-Year Director is in charge of target maintenance and recommended needs. The Two-Year Director shall be assigned as an assistant to the President.

The One-Year Director shall preside over the Three-Year and Two-Year Directors and shall oversee them, functioning as a group. Their responsibilities include oversight of safety, maintenance and care of USRB targets, flagging, setup and collection of all targets after events. The One-Year Director shall be assigned as an assistant to the Vice President.

The Past President Director shall serve as a director and consultant to the new officers and Board. The Past President Director shall be responsible to update the Bylaws and Chair the Standing Bylaw Committee.

The Big Game Chairman shall be responsible for collecting, preparing and awarding the USRB Hunting Awards. The Chairman is responsible for the collection of USRB photos, and the year ending slideshow. The Chairman is responsible for recording all small and big game kill information. The Chairman is also responsible for any other tasks assigned by the Presidency/Board.

The Editor shall be responsible for reviewing all documents pertaining to the USRB. The Editor will oversee the preparation and distribution of the USRB Newsletter. The Editor shall be the acting Historian for the club.

The Website Chairman is responsible for the Website. The Website Chairman is responsible for all current and past website content. The Website Chairman is responsible for maintenance and oversite of the Website, including the online transactions and oversite of the collection of digital

monies. The Website Chairman shall report monthly statements to the Treasurer and report any online membership transactions to the Secretary.

The Publicity Chairman shall be responsible for advertising all upcoming USRB events and functions which are of public interest. The release of all public information shall be under the direction and approval of the Presidency.

The Range Master shall oversee the USRB/Beesley Range, which includes: A Safety Plan, First Aid Kit, Range Rules, and setup and maintenance of the USRB Range.

The USRB Cook Chairman shall be responsible to oversee the food at USRB events, and any supply inventory, under the direction of the Presidency.


Election and Terms of Office

All open Board positions shall be elected at the Annual Awards Banquet at the beginning of the calendar year.

Secretary, Treasurer, Website Chairman, Editor/Historian, Publicity Chairman, Range Master, and Cook, shall be elected to one-year terms, beginning and ending at the Awards Banquet.

A new Vice President shall be elected to the Presidency annually for a three-year term, serving as Vice President for the first year, serving as President the second year of the term and serving as the Past President the third year of their three-year term.

If the office of President is vacated, the presiding role on the Board will be placed on the Past President until the office of President is filled.

A Three-Year Director shall be elected annually to the term of three years. He/She will hold the position of Three-Year Director for one year. The following year they will move to the Two-Year Director position, then the final year of their three-year term will be completed as the One-Year Director.

Should any Board position be vacated, the Board of Directors will appoint a new Board member to fill the vacant position for the remainder of the year.


Membership and Dues

USRB has two categories of membership: Individual and Family. Family memberships consist of all household members, including parents and children up to and through their eighteenth year of age. Individual membership consists of a single person joining the USRB.

Membership will run from the first shoot of the calendar year to the first shoot of the following year. Dues are payable at the first shoot, which is the beginning of the USRB Fiscal Year. Membership is available any time during the Fiscal Year.

Membership dues are determined by vote of the current Board of Directors.

Board members and their household families are exempt from membership and shoot fees.

The Board of Directors may suspend or expel, by majority vote, any member or officer who is found guilty of acts unbecoming of a USRB club member. The member in question will be given the opportunity to face the Board and give his or her rebuttal. Duration of expulsion will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will not exceed the terms of legal charges.


Shoots and Range

The USRB/Beesley Range is open to all members and guests who conduct themselves in a respectable manner and follow USRB posted Range Rules.

No cub, chick or youth may participate in USRB events or range without an accompanying adult. (See liability waiver).

The USRB shall lease the Range from Beesley Farms for the price of $1:00 per year.

Shooting privileges may be suspended by the Board if unsafe conduct is reported or observed on the Range.

Maintenance, repair and care of the Range shall be determined by the Range Master and the Board of Directors.

Rules for both the Range and USRB shoots, can be found in Appendix B.


Yearly Awards

Each year the USRB Big Game Chairman, under the direction of the USRB Board of Directors, shall make available the following awards at the annual Awards Banquet. All awards will be awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The USRB recognizes and utilizes the Boone and Crockett/Pope and Young scoring System. We, however, do not recognize a separate velvet category for antlered species.

The Hunter must be a current member of the USRB at the time of harvest in order to be eligible for awards. Only one animal per specie may be entered. Whitetail and Mule deer being separate species. All measuring shall be completed by an official measurer to guarantee fairness.

In the event a harvested animal is unable to complete a 60 day drying period prior to the measuring day, the Board of Directors shall have the responsibility to determine winners.

A. Men, Women, *Youth Small Game Award

B. Largest Carp Traveling Trophy Award. The Award is based on the length of the carp. In order to be eligible, the carp must be measured (picture of the measurement is preferred). The Traveling Trophy winner keeps the trophy for one year. The Traveling Trophy will be retired and become property of the bowhunter winning the Trophy three times.

C. First Bow Kill Award will be awarded when a Bowhunter has harvested and recovered their first Big Game animal.

D. Men, Women, *Youth Bowhunter of the Year Award. The Bowhunter of the Year Award is determined by the USRB Point System.

E. Best of Specie Award. To qualify the trophy must be a scoreable Big Game animal, harvested in the hunters State of residency. Only the first specimen of said specie is eligible for entry (in the event of multiple tags). Out of State or Non-resident tags are not eligible for the Award.

F. Best of the Decade Award will be developed over a ten-year period. The award will be awarded to the biggest trophy, of each recognized specie, taken during a designated 10-year period.

G. Club Member(s) of the Year Award will be determined by vote of the USRB Board of Directors.

(*Youth is defined as persons under 18 years of age at the time of Fish and Game License purchase. This Award will be available to both male and female youth).

Big Game Awards are determined by point value. USRB recognizes the following species and point values.

Specie Pts Male Female

1. Moose 100 90

2. Big Horn Sheep 100 90

3. Mountain Goat 100 90

4. Elk 80 70

5. Antelope 80 70

6. Mule Deer 60 50

7. Whitetail Deer 60 50

8. Black Bear 60 60

9. Cougar 60 60

10. Wolf 60 60

11. Turkey 60 60

12. Bobcat 30 30

13. Coyote 30 30

14. Fox 30 30

15. P&Y qualifiers get 1 ½ value.

16. Small Game 1 point per Specie




The Presidency shall consist of the President, Vice President, and the Past President.

Fiscal Year shall run from the first shoot of the calendar year to the first shoot of the following year.



Range Rules: shall consist of the following;

1. No Broadheads

2. No Firearms

3. No drug or alcohol

4. No climbing on fences

5. Use of playground equipment is at your own risk

6. Shooters 15 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult

7. Do not liter

8. Please clean up after yourself

9. No fires outside of designated fire pits

10. DO NOT play with the sprinklers

11. Be respectful of other shooters and club property

Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of membership and dismissal from the Range. Violators will be subject to prosecution. Upper Snake River Bowmen will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries.


Shoot Rules: shall consist of the following;

1. No Broadheads

2. No drugs or alcohol

3. Shooters 15 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

4. Shoot from marked stakes only

Anyone can shoot from a closer distance if done safely within shooting lane.

5. Do not leave designated course trails.

6. Be courteous and respectful of other shooters.

7. When recovering lost arrows:

Leave an individual in front of target

If shooting alone leave bow at target

8. Before shooting any target ensure previous group has cleared completely.

9. No littering, clean up after yourself.


Any incident or emergency shall be reported to the registration table or any board member immediately.

Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of membership and dismissal from the course. Upper Snake River Bowmen will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries.



Age groups shall consist of four divisions

Chick: 0-8 Yrs

Cub: 9-11 Yrs

Youth: 12-17 Yrs

Adult: 18 and older